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SC-SC duplex adapter, available in PC/APC/UPC versions, single mode & multimode, zircona ceramic sleeve & bronze sleeve
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Fiber Optic Distribution Boxes
Outdoor Optical Fiber Joint Enclosures, Indoor Fiber Optical Termination Boxes, 19' rack mount Fiber Optical Distribution Panels, Multitray Based Professional ODF's, Wallmount Fiber Optical Splice Boxes & more...
Fiber Optic Connectors / Patchcords / Pigtails
Fiber Optical Connectors / Pigtails / Patchcords:  SC / LC / FC / ST / MT-RJ / MU / E2000 / MPO / D4 / DIN / SMA / FDDI / ESCON, PC / UPC / APC polishing & more...
Fiber Optic Adapters & Attenuators
Fiber Optical Adapters & Attenators for any occasion - SC | FC | LC | E2000 | MU | MTRJ | DIN | Bare Fiber | D4 and customized in Simplex/Duplex versions for single and multimode cables with zirconia and bronze sleeves & more...
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